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October 22, 2021

Removing Horns From Cores

Hello everyone, this is my first article contribution to the site.  As the title suggests I will be explaining how to remove animal horns from the bone cores and why this is important.  The following are some items that you will need for this task. A large pot Propane Burner and Propane Drill with no larger than a ¼” more.

Keeping Your Magic Sculpt Soft

Magic Sculpt is pretty much a god send for the taxidermist. It has many different uses in the industry and is used every day in taxidermy shops around the world. No matter what you specialize in, whether it is fish, birds are deer you will most likely have a kit of Magic Sculpt on the shelf somewhere in the…read more.

88 Series Pedestal

The all new 8800 Series Pedestal Whitetail from Bill Lancaster are now available from Research Mannikins, Jim Allred, and Trufitt. The 8800 Pedestal has the same alert and forward look as the 8500 Series Semi-Sneaks, 8600 Uprights, and 8700 Wall Pedestals. …read more.

October 20, 2021

Reproduction Mounts

In some cases, preserving actual materials from the body of an animal is too difficult. In the beginning, scientists used detailed sketches, drawings, and photos to overcome this, but eventually a new type of taxidermy arose: Reproduction mounts that simulate exactly what the animal looks like, without using the body.

Today, these mounts are typically made with resin or fiberglass. They are used in museums and zoos, and often help replicate endangered species or animals that are very difficult to mount like fish and other sea life. Hunters may also use this type of mounting to celebrate non-kill hunts, where big game are tranquilized and scanned for the mount, but not actually killed…read more.

Securing Deer Antlers

Over this past summer the phone rang here at my taxidermy lab and on the other end was a worried voice.  The caller stated that their deer head fell off the wall and now they had a loose antler. They assured me that they believed the skull cap cracked under the cape but were lost for words on way…read more.

Moose Cartilage

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Scutiform cartilage, conchal cartilage, scutilaris muscle group, auricle muscle group, to name a few all have what in common? They all belong to the ear and earbutt of a whitetail deer ears and all play an important role to the ears movement and attachment point to the skull. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the names by heart, because…read more.

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