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Quality Rating Guide

Taxidermy Quality Rating Buyers Guide

We have developed this rating system in hopes that when used along with our descriptions and detailed photos, will help in you with your purchasing decision. The rating reflects the overall quality of the taxidermy workmanship, with consideration given to the design and presentation of the animal. Additional characteristics such as hair quality, coloring and age of mount are also factored into the final rating. These ratings represent our opinions, based on many years in the field.

Trophy status information regarding size, scoring, record book entry, etc are detailed in the items description.


– Entire mount is of the finest quality. The animal will have competition class taxidermy and also be a prime example of the species, with exceptional hair/hide quality, coloring, horn or antler size, etc. Habitat base, if applicable, will also be first class. For the collector who wants the best of the best.


– Life-like taxidermy mounts created by talented artisans with attention to details will earn this rating. Animal will be a good representation of the species with excellent expression and detailing, The mount will have excellent hair and hide quality, coloring, etc. May have minor scars that add character.


– All around nice mounts will receive this ranking. Quality of taxidermy will be good. Hair and coloring will be typical of the species. The mount may have scars or imperfections commonly found on wild animals. Mount will look great to the general public, but a trained eye might find minor flaws in the“look”. Occasionally excellent older mounts will be ranked in this category.


– Generally will be older mounts or where some aspects of the taxidermy are found to be below average. We don’t sell mounts of poor quality. Mount will be stable and still make a nice display piece.

Cabin Grade

– Usually older mounts that have started to show their age. May have some cracking or patchy hair. These low cost mounts are used when quality is not a main consideration. Occasionally newer mounts created by inexperienced taxidermists will be included in this rating.


– Older mounts, crafted with older taxidermy techniques. The appeal of these mounts is meant to be the antique look. Mounts will have been cleaned and are in stable condition. Often used by decorators seeking the cabin theme.

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